Witcher 3 mandragora mask

Go in her stead, while she waits out nearby. Leave the hideout and go to the fish market. Ask about the trout and walk off to discuss top secret matters. When you cross the bridge, a trio will attack you and the messenger. Kill all three of them to save the informant. Triss will come out of hiding. You two are informed that Albert Vegelbud needs to be taken out of the city for a recent interest in alchemy.

Triss is ecstatic about going and needs you to pick up the masks and a fancy doublet for yourself. Leave Triss to get ready herself and go to Elihal's shop.

He will have everything you need for the party. Buy Triss a fox mask and pick one for yourself. It is totally optional to buy a doublet. Buy the shirt, pants, and boots. Put on the clothes. Triss will be delighted that you changed for her, which is a key step toward romancing her. Before heading back to Triss, change into the outfit minus that mask. When you arrive, Triss will react to your attire or lack of it and then the two of you will be off to the party.

Give your weapons to the man at the gate to go inside. Walk straight ahead, toward the next set of stairs. Along the way, Triss will be stopped by a fellow that thinks she is an escort. You may either tussle with him or tell Triss to leave to avoid the fight.

Head up the stairs into the next section of the party. You may walk around. To the right is a Gwent tournament, where you may earn some cool cards if you win. When you are down exploring, go to the left of the fountain to find Lady Vedelbug. Lady Vedelbug thinks during the fireworks is the best time to sneak Albert off the premises. Her dimwit of a brother is wearing a panther mask. Go to the right of the stairs and follow the bushes to find Albert entertaining some guests.

Chat with him about the plan and agree to meet when the fireworks start. To kill sometime, why not take a seat with Triss on a bench nearby? Take a seat with Triss and talk the night away. She will have a few glasses of wine. You may take this opportunity to tell her she is charismatic, which helps win her over. Triss will then suddenly run into the garden maze.

Chase after her and catch her by the fountain.Yennefer has gone off to the forest to investigate the magical explosion Ciri may have caused, and she wants to Geralt to meet her there.

Mask for picking mandrake

So either hop on Roach or fast travel as close as you can to the marker on your map. When you arrive at the camp where Yennefer is, you will hear her arguing with the druid Ermion.

Witcher 3 🌟 BLOOD AND WINE 🌟 Duchess Reacts to Geralt with and without Proper Masquerade Costume

Butt into the conversation and talk to Ermion about the Mask of Uroboros that Yennefer stole. While Ermion spells out the dangers of the mask, Yen will slip away into the forest and use it. Dart off to find her. Follow the marker on your map to find Yennefer in the fog. Fight off a couple Foglets with her. When the beasts are gone, Yennefer explains that the mask will allow you to see glimpses into the past with magic.

The mask will automatically be equipped to a quick select button. You need to fight a foglet or two along the way. After the fourth vision into the past, Ermion catches up. Calm him down and investigate the blast zone from the final vision using your Wicher Senses. Yennefer will move the tree and you can tell it was a member of the Wild Hunt. A nearby village was attacked by the Wild Hunt not too long ago. Agree to go there with Yennefer and the quest will conclude.

Last Edited: 3 Nov pm. Was this guide helpful? YES NO. In This Wiki Guide. Rated "M".After escaping the witch hunters ' outpost during the events of the quest Count Reuven's TreasureTriss asked Geralt to come to her hideout in The Bits to discuss something. Warning: several side quests involving Triss will become temporarily inaccessible i. It is advised that these be completed before choosing the dialogue option with Triss that begins this mission.

If you choose not to, it may not be until later in the game before these can be completed, depending on choices made in this mission and Now or Never. Knocking at the door, Geralt is greeted by the landlord. Despite the landlady's complaining, he is allowed to enter. Approaching Triss, she asks him if they can have a chat.

It seems that Triss has a problem. Asking her about the problem, it is revealed that Triss received a letter from Lady Ingrid Vegelbud 's servant. The letter states that the lady wants to help the mages escape from Novigrad by donating a tidy sum. However, in return, she needs a favor from Triss. As to what the favor is, it was not stated on the letter. Instead, she must meet with a servant.

Considering the situation in Novigrad, where witches and mages are being hunted, Triss is hesitant if she'll meet with the servant, worried it may be a trap. Geralt offers to help Triss, stating he'll first talk to the servant on his own just in case it does turn out to be a trap. Geralt must search the fish market to look for the servant who is wearing blue tunic and carrying a lot of keys on his belt.

There may be a few people wearing blue shirt but using his witcher sense, he can easily find the servant if he spots his keys. Upon talking to him, Geralt can tell him the passphrase. Although he is not what the servant is expecting, in the end he asks Geralt to follow him. Following the servant, they are ambushed by a couple of bandits.

Triss appears and tells them that one of the bandits is working for witch hunters. After asking the servant,the man tells them the reason of the discreet manner they contacted Triss is because lady Vegelbud was afraid the witch hunters would follow her. It is also revealed that the lady's son, Albert Vegelbud has taken interest in alchemy and Temple Guards know it.

The guardsmen aren't that much of a problem though since they were bribed, but the witch hunter are already on to Albert. Geralt and Triss then decide it's time for the young Vegelbud to 'disappear'. They must get Albert outside the mansion discreetly first though.

Fortunately, lady Vegelbud already has a plan in getting her son out without being noticed: a masquerade ball.

Geralt and Triss are required to prepare, and Triss must have a fox mask for this. Triss tasks Geralt to visit the tailor shop owned by Elihal to buy the fox mask, he can also buy other masks and some elegant outfits he can use. Elegant outfit can be also obtained for free from madame Irina Renarde. Head back to Triss to give her the fox mask and continue with the quest.

Once everything is ready, Triss and Geralt head to the ball. Inside the estate, they must find lady Vegelbud.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Cigam View Profile View Posts. At the moment I am wearing the glasses but spent ages wearing the wolf mask beforehand. I am always wearing something. Was amused when a character reacted to my mask during a heist mission, saying that I had already come prepared so no need to give me a mask.

But he still gave me the Foltest mask later.

Mask for picking mandrake

Last edited by Cigam ; 1 Jul, pm. Showing 1 - 8 of 8 comments. One-off bump. Can anyone confirm or deny if there are more masks or wearable face items out there? Tesham Mutna mask Hen Geist mask A coronet Viviene gives you if you win the tournament Grandmaster Feline Armor Hood doesn't work with other masks A mask Annariette gives you when you go to the party You can save an elven shield if you lift the curse from a basement forgot the name.

This item works with other masks and you can equip this while fighting. OK thanks.

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Will look out for them. Really cool gear! Negatif View Profile View Posts. Hey sorry to revive this thread but what is the name of the coronet vivienne rewards?Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page.

witcher 3 mandragora mask

Global Achievements. Sova View Profile View Posts. I purchased a mask for Geralt for some quest in Novigrad, needed to go to a ball with Triss.

How do I remove the damn mask??? Can't find an inventory slot where the mask goes, so I have no idea how to remove it. Showing 1 - 15 of 15 comments. Rhogog View Profile View Posts. Unequip it from that slot and it won't be on your face anymore. Okay, I am dumb. Still though, didn't expect it to be in my "pocket" slot while it's on my face actually.

Haha, yeah it threw me for a second after the ball, too. Where did she leave after the ball? I had to go afk while the cutscene was on. After the ball, you can immediately access her final quest, and you're going to be faced with a relatively tough choice And emotions. It involves helping her evacuate all the mages from Novigrad. Can you tell me the name of the quest? Give me a sec, I'll boot it up and look at the completed list.

Okay, it's called 'Now or Never'. Don't mention it :D. I sent you a friend request if you don't mind, don't want to spam this thread anymore. Hi good people, where did you purchase those masks? I want to buy one just for lolz :. There's a cross-dressing elf tailor merchant outside the walls of Novigrad. He sells the masks. You get sent to him as part of a quest Spoiler to get masks for a ball for you and Trissbut he sells the masks before then.

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Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website.Mandrake is a poisonous plant whose humanoid -shaped roots have many magical properties. The necropolis of Fen Carn is said to have an unusually large "population" of female mandrake plants. A fresh mandrake is considered so toxic that the earth surrounding one is poisoned by the plant and that even breathing in the fumes or sprinkling the fresh juice onto a cut hand can have fatal consequences.

At the very least, even if one doesn't die from it, the toxin secreted by the root causes powerful hallucinogenic effects. As such, care is taken to use a mask and gloves to pick them. Notable among mandrake's many alchemical uses is its use in the potion that maintains the longevity of sorcerers, preventing further ageing but not restoring lost youth. Despite all the rumors regarding mandrake, many of them aren't true.

Some common myths include them being powerful aphrodisiacs, screaming when plucked, and being able to curse the one who pulls them out of the ground. The latter two in particular is believed to be a side effect from breathing in the hallucinogenic toxins as, like any other plant, the mandrake lacks vocal cords.

witcher 3 mandragora mask

Mandrake is an alchemy ingredient and can be found in the kurgans outside the hermit's hut. Players can now pay "real world" money to buy mandrakewhich can be used within the game to buy alchemical items like potions, etc. Players who participate in special Versus events can also win mandrake. Mandrake root is an alchemy ingredient and can be purchased from the following merchants :. Mandrake root is an alchemy ingredient and is needed to craft the following items:. It can be purchased from the following merchants :.

Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Mandrake, or Love Apple, is a class of plant from the Mandragora or nightshade family, a group including herbaceous, stemless plants with parsnip-like roots, in which a similarity to the human form may be observed; the leaves are arranged in a rosette.

Its berries, which are green and later turn yellow, are eaten with vinegar and pepper, while its leaves are consumed raw. The root of the m. They were believed to offer protection from illnesses, to bring good fortune during trials, and to ensure fertility and uncomplicated births. The effigies were clad in dresses which were changed at each new moon. Bryony roots q.These item IDs can be used to the additem console command to spawn items into your game.

witcher 3 mandragora mask

Type the name or spawn code of a Witcher 3 item into the search box below to instantly search our database. Copy Command.

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